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Tagging people on Instagram

Instagram has struggled to reorganize and transform the outlook on visual content. It permits people, businesses, organizations, and everyone across the globe to stay connected by sharing their content in the form of pictures and videos. In today’s world, the perspective on social media is changing. It is now used by large businesses to stay connected to their customers. All around the world, Instagram is being used as a huge social media platform by marketers to market their business. It has made marketing a lot easier. Instagram has an added feature of tagging which allows other users to connect to your post.

Just like Facebook, tagging other people is a feature of Instagram as well that encourages connections between users. When a user is been tagged by someone, he simply gets a notification and Instagram directs the user to that post with just one click. Tagging helps in boosting the reach of a post. It acts like a reminder, an alarm, to that user who has been tagged, like go get up you have to look at this amazing post.

The approach to tagging

In order to tag a user, you have to make a post first. Post a picture or a video and then tag the user. It allows users to closely connect to certain content. The hashtag is another way to boost reach but tagging is an easy way. However, tagging could be done in two ways. You can either tag the person in the actual post, or you can mention the user in the description or caption with the symbol @ with the username of the person. This is the username tag.

Username tag

Username tag is yet another type of Instagram tag where a user could be tagged with his username along with the symbol @. The user that is tagged somehow relates to the post. These tags are also for normal users as well as used by large and small businesses.

How to tag users on Instagram

When you post a photo, video, or any content on Instagram, there comes many options to add locations, descriptions, etc. This option also asks whether you want to tag a certain user or not. If yes, you want to tag someone if the post relates to a person or for whatsoever reason, it would take a single minute. You are required to take the following steps.

  • Find content, a picture, or a video to post.
  • After checking various picture effects, the next window would lead you to some options, where you could add a caption, location, or tag a user.
  • Tap on the tag people option.
  • Tap the area, object where you want to tag the user.
  • Write the username of the user you wish to tag on the post. The name of the user will appear.
  • Tap on the username and then click done. The user would be tagged.

Tagging users in descriptions

Apart from tagging a user on the picture, Instagram also permits people and businesses to tag users in captions. It also serves the same function. For example, if the post is about a specific business or a brand, you would simply mention the name of that business in the caption as a tag. Anyone who wants to have access to it would just need to click it instead of searching for it among various similar accounts. Tagging makes access easy for people as well as businesses and increases likes and followers and alongside this, here are the top 3 websites to get Instagram followers overnight. A user can also use hashtags to increase reach instead of tagging users. Both perform the same job, but tagging is more convenient as it closely relates to the other user.

Tagging users in descriptions is also very easy. It just takes seconds. All you have to do is that after making the post when writing the description,

  • Write @ symbol and right after it mentions the username of the person you wish to tag.
  • A small window will appear listing similar usernames. Tap on the one you want to mention.
  • Just click done, and wow you are done with the job in less than a second.

Tagging on Instagram Stories

You can also tag people on stories that you think are related to them.

  • Just post content on the story.
  • Type @ and write the username you want to tag.
  • Click on the username.
  • Click on done.


When Is The Best Time To Get Dental Filling?

The dental filling process is quite simple and easy. That can do it at your dentist’s office. But the question is that when is the best time to get a dental filling? It might be interesting to get that answer. Have you ever get hurt or feel pain in the teeth while eating sweets or some other food? If, yes then you might have a cavity. It’s not a unique issue for you, but 90% of the world population feel that hole in any stage of their life, you’re not alone.

Let’s discuss to reveal the practices that play a significant role to get your teeth cavity filled.

When you go to your dentist, give him an hour or two. He will conduct X-rays examination of your teeth and torrefy your teeth area to avoid any discomfort during the filling process. He/she will remove the debris from the cavity and fill it. It may take a few minutes but will take time to load.

Dental filling is one of the effective procedure to get rid of discomfort. But this procedure also need to be done properly. People have been discussing and suggesting each other different dentists and best place to get dental filling in Los Gatos CA because they don’t want to take any risk which could lead to serious dental issues to them. But finding out a dentist is just not enough until you yourself has some of the knowledge about dental fillings.  Keep reading to know important things about the dental filling.

When Should you Get a Filling?

The dentist fills the cavity to restore the strength and power of the tooth. After such treatment, you consider this is over, and Everything will be perfect. But many people ask when the right time to replace dental fillings is?

Filling the tooth should start from the initial stages of tooth decay. People usually don’t know their teeth are decaying, and they need early treatment. Your regular visits to the doctor help you to find cavities early. The early stages of treatment are easy, comfortable, and healing time would be minimal. You might get sensitivity after the filling cavity, but it will vanish in a day or two.

So, it’s best to take regular checkups in your routine medical. Make sure you have the dentist’s regular appointments and ask him about any minor problem you’re feeling in your teeth. A timely dental filling can save teeth from severe discomfort and permanent loss.

When Is The Best Time To Get Dental Filling?

Why Do I Need to Get Dental refilling?

Sometimes, your fillings get stained due to eating foods and delicious sweet dishes. The reason is that there are not natural fillings, and they get decayed or degraded with time. So, it would help if you had regular checkups even after dental fillings for the first time.

How Can You Save Teeth from Dental Decay in the Future?

The first and the most important thing to prevent dental decay is clean teeth daily and use dental floss to remove mere small bits of food. The daily routine of brushes will remove harmful bacteria that accumulate in the teeth producing acids. And that acids cause decay and get cavities in the tooth.

When Is The Best Time To Get Dental Filling?

How Long Do Fillings Typically Last?

To determine how long it would remain intact depends on many actors like filling type, the material of fillings, and the treatment type. If you get a filler that lasts for many years, then you’re the lucky ones. For, example If you take amalgam filling, it can last for at least 12-13 years. But composite fling can stay even far away. So, to have the best time to get dental filling is very crucial for your dental health.

For more tips and information about technology stay updated with stemflorida.

All About TikTok hearts And Tricks to Get Them

Judging the trend today, TikTok has emerged as the best media app that is a favourite of Generation Z. It grew beyond being just an avenue for entertainment and served as a pathway for people for businesses to develop. Nowadays, people use it not just as a place for hobby and amusement but also as a way to show off to the world. It became a window of opportunities for people to be famous and for businesses to blossom in a fast state. However, fame and fortune take more than mere videos. The key element to these is having enough TikTok hearts. That’s why a lot of people prefer to buy TikTok hearts to make their videos viral on this platform.

Importance of TikTok Hearts:

TikTok hearts, like gas, and TikTok custom comments are fuel the success of your upload to stay on top. Hearts and views are the most basic element you need for you to emerge triumphant in the realm of video sharing. These hits are determining factors that your videos or whatever you displayed on your upload are worth time and money.

Hearts prove the people admire you. It shows that you have a nest of supporters or followers supporting you and expecting to view more of your videos. Under the lens of business, hearts would mean that you already have a market that is keen to spend their cash to buy your product or to watch you perform. Hearts, in other words, simply mean profit!

You Need Viewers:

Without enough viewers, your upload will be of no use and will be surpassed by other videos. Keep in mind that you need viewers because you are not the only one who’s got a one-of-a-kind idea. There are also lots of people out there who have a great mind and you need to win over them to prevail. For you to do this, you must know how to get hits. You must come up with a couple or a dozen strategies and you merge them. One important thing you need to get the viewer’s attention is an interesting idea. Let go of boring video idea that comes into your mind and be creative in making them. Squeeze out those artistic juices! Come up with a unique idea that will surely entice an individual to watch your video. Keep in mind that an entertaining video will always grab a person’s attention.

What would go perfectly well with a stunning video is a striking animated thumbnail. TikTok provides you with a way to edit the default animated thumbnails so be sure to find one that can grab people’s attention. Look for the most interesting image in your video and use it as your thumbnail.

Get More Hearts:

Acquiring millions of TikTok hearts is not as impossible as it sounds. All you need are the right set of tricks and you are sure to get lots of hearts in no time e.g. you can buy TikTok hearts. However, it is also important to study other videos. Look for ones that already have tons of hearts and learn how it got them.

Who Made the Clicks Per Second World Record and How?

Click per second techniques play a vital role for the gamers. And the world record for click per second is 16 CPS. Further, Tom Andre holds the world record for the fastest clicks in 10 seconds. And Jordan Hum holds the record to make 14 CPS in 5 seconds. Not only this, but there exist so many people who are adept in click per second.

To enhance the click per second most people give a try to click per second test.

Click Per Second Test

It is the shortest test mode of the clicking game. This kind of variation gives a feeling of fun and competition, all at once. This mode will evaluate your number of clicks per second. Most of the time, players feel that the game has ended soon but that will enhance their capability.

How Do You Get the Highest Score?

The first point that players should keep in mind is that they have only a few seconds/second in which they have to give their best. Although, apparently it seems that they can’t give their best in a second but most of the players can score 15 CPS. This score seems unrealistic but many of the users have claimed it.

The players 15 CPS by leveraging various click methods i.e. Butterfly clicking, Jitter clicking, Kohi click test. Let’s discuss Kohi click test.

Kohi Click Test

It is a method that will determine the ratio of clicks per second. This test is similar to other click tests but the only difference is that it is featured on a server known as Kohi.

The popularity of the Kohi game server is because of its Hard Core faction Game. The kohi click test is used by Minecraft players. They give this test to amplify their clicking speed to perform well in the real battle of the game.

Importance of Clicking Speed

Mostly, players are concerned about their clicking pace on the mouse. As the clicking speed on the mouse will decide theirs do or die. So to perform well in any game i.e. Minecraft players has to be adept in quick finger movement.

According to recent researches, players who have 6-7 CPS fall into the category of good. And if we talk about Minecraft the player has to swing its sword 10 times in a second i.e 10CPS. So, the fastest clicking is directly proportional to the highest success rate. Therefore, clicking speed matters a lot not only clicking speed but it needs to be accurate.

Other Clicking Methods

There exist so many clicking methods you can adopt anyone to check your clicking speed. But initially, most of the gamers go for the Kohi click test, and over time their clicking speed increased.

Medical Complications

If we talk about the medical complications so many of them are evident due to click per second tests. Although normal clicking has zero effect on an individual but Butterfly and jitter clicking test leads to severe medical conditions. Most of the people suffer from Carpal tunneling. It is a condition in which the wrist-worn out.


In a nutshell, if you want to get the highest score you can choose the Kohi click test or many other techniques to amplify your click per second speed.

How to Make a Video with Animoto and get popular on YouTube

There are quite a few free video making software applications available but Animoto is one of my favorite. Animated videos are too much popular on YouTube and that gives more YouTube views and likes.  It’s web-based, easy to use and you can create fun and exciting videos with simple images, a little text, and some music. They are always adding new features to improve your video making efforts. The concept is simple:

  1. Upload your images
  2. Add some text descriptions
  3. Select your music track
  4. Create your video

I’m going to walk you through the process in a little more detail so that your videos represent what you want them to. First, you need to gather some images. This will be the “hardest” part.

Step 1: Gather some images that apply to your niche.

Collect images that represent the message you want to relate to your visitors. For example, if I was promoting a dog training product or website I would gather images of dogs sitting, rolling over, giving a dog a treat, happy people with happy dogs, etc. I may even include an image of the website logo or e-cover of the product.

Step 2: Organize your images.

Now it’s time to gather all of your images in one place and put them in the order in which you want them to appear in your video. I find that creating a new folder on my desktop and saving the images with a number (01.jpg, 02.jpg, 03.jpg) in that folder helps me organize them easier.

Step 3: Write a script for your video.

Writing a video script is as simple as following the copywriting principle of AIDA. Come up with a few sentences that will draw your viewer in and get them to click on your link to the website or product you are promoting. You want to grab their Attention, Keep their Interest, and Build the Desire for them to visit your site then give them an action to take by visiting.

Step 4: Upload the images for your video.

Once you have signed up and signed in, click the “Get Started” button. You will be taken to a page where you can upload your images. If they are stored on your computer as suggested in Part 1, just navigate to that folder, hold down your shift key and select all of the images to be uploaded.

Step 5: Add text between your images

At this point, you can use Animoto’s text feature to add text between your images. Just click on the “add text” button at the bottom of the screen, drag the “T” where you want the text to go and fill in your text to the right of the images. You can add as much text as you want.

Step 6: Add some tunes to your video.

Adding a soundtrack to your video is simple. You can select a soundtrack from Animoto or upload one of your own. I generally prefer a soundtrack that is instrumental only but choose whatever you like that fits your marketing message. You can hear a sample of each soundtrack and go back and edit it at any time.

Step 7: Finalize your video.

Finally, add a title and description to your video and hit “Create”. This will take a few minutes to render depending on how many images you uploaded and how much text you added.

How to connect a car reverse camera with iPhone or IPad?

Out of the biggest revolutions in the world in the field of science and technology the invention of cars certainly resides somewhere on the top. Cars were first introduced in or invented in the year 1885 by a German inventor called Karl Benz. But those cars were a lot different from the cars that we use these days.

Modern cars vs Old cars

The old cars were very difficult to maintain. There were not any mechanics or people who had a lot of information on them due to which their parts were also difficult to replace in case of any sort of damage. This is certainly not the case with newer cars as they have a wide variety of parts available and many people know how to fix them.

Old cars of that time were nor considered that safe as they lacked a lot of security features that the modern-day cars have. Those cars did not have an airbag system to help in case of an accident. The durability of the materials used in them was not the top of the class.

Those old cars were not as efficient and powerful as today’s cars as their engines required a lot more fuel to work and their power was lesser. Whereas, today’s cars require less fuel and have more power.

Innovations in modern cars

Modern cars are being upgraded and introduced to new technology on a regular bases. One of the most revolutionary things that might become a necessity of every car in the future is the introduction of reverse wireless cameras. Reverse cams have been in cars for some time. But, now cameras have been introduced that can be connected to your phone.

This takes advantage of the Bluetooth technology that we have on our phones. You can search for the application on your iPhone by searching wireless backup camera for iPhone or accordingly for whatever phone you are using.

Connecting it is very easy you just need to get it installed and pair it with your phone by downloading the application. Then it will detect the reverse motion and give you a view of the backside.

It is specially made for the cars that do not have a screen or display built-in, so if you need to reverse your car out of a tight spot you can easily use your phone to turn on the camera and see the background.

How modern innovations make cars safer?

Innovations in cars have certainly made them better. As we talked about the camera to reverse your car with your phone’s display if you don’t have one in your car can help avoid a lot of accidents. Similarly, in the case of accident airbags have been introduced that break the pressure of the collision while accident and protects the people against harm and have saved loads of lives.

Modern cars have that technology to look up to which the old cars never had therefore they are better in almost every aspect.


 7 Reasons Canada Attracts Students for Immigration in 2020

The world’s second-largest country-Canada has always been the priority of students for study due to its appealing scholarship packages. And their scholarships always provide an edge to the students of South-Asia as the government announces more $10 Million educational scholarships specifically for them. Let’s discuss a few more points that fascinate the students of South-Asia to get enrolled in Canada.

  • Famous universities of the world

Canada is among those few countries that spend a tremendous amount of money for economic and educational development. Their universities are ranked among the top-ranking universities because of the high educational level and focus on research.

Their research focuses are diverse i.e. agriculture, telecommunication, environmental sciences, and computer tech.

  • Affordable living cost

It is an obvious fact if an institute is providing high educational standards then its living will is also high. But it is contrary in the case of Canada; it provides affordable living wages with extraordinary educational standards.

  • Allegiance to culture

In Canada, cultural life is all time important. Not only has this, but the government of Canada made sure that the people follow the diversities of culture. In this state, different people from different cultures are living representing their own culture, which gives one another a chance to encourage other cultures. The country’s largest cities are Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto; marked as the safest places with a lot of entertaining stuff like museums, shopping malls, and many more.

  • Increased career scope

For international grades in Canada, the hope of a job is very high. Canadian universities collaborate with various companies that boast the link. The students in Canadian universities are highly motivated towards their goals oriented towards specific applied research of industries. An amazing fact that will surprise you and catches the attention of many South-Asian students is      that the Canadian university’s undergraduate students got a job within six months after the completion of a degree.

  • Priority education

The primary focus of the Canadian government is to amplify its educational system. And to increase the number of students by 2022 to 450,000 by offering appealing scholarships. The sole focus of the Canadian Education minister is to form and introduce attractive and economic scholarship packages that attract international students more rapidly.

The government not only wants to enroll the international students but also wishes them to be a permanent resident of the state. And their permanent residency will amplify the economy and help the country grow.

  • Equal access

Over the time, the Canadian state has amplified the educational standards for international students. Although different states have independent policies, but the access to school has always been their priority with an equal chance to access it.

Equal opportunities have been given to the migrant students in comparison to the non-migrant students. This factor attracts the south-Asian students to choose this state.

  • Selective teaching

According to the international guidelines, the teachers are being paid. And the selections of teachers are done by following strict parameters. This factor increases the demands of Canadian universities.


In a nutshell, the South-Asian students mostly prefer to go enroll in Canadian Universities. Mostly Indian and Pakistani as the student visa for Canada are easy to access. Easy access encourages the students to avail of high-class education.

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Why is Spotify Bio so important? Here is how to write it better

Now a day’s trends of music streaming apps are increasing rapidly. With the advent of technology, music streaming apps began to update their features and open up new tracks for listeners and Spotify followers. If you are musicians then Spotify plays an important role in your career development. The amazing feature of it, which was introduced in 2017 has a vital role in boosting your fan following. Spotify Bio through it an artist can edit his/her bio without any limits and boundaries.

It provides you a chance to present yourself in front of your followers in an exceptional manner. This bio has importance in the life of every artist no matter at what stage of his/her career he/she is. A bombastic Spotify bio representing the full potential of an artist has its impact comparative to the one who represents zero potential.

How to write eye-catching Spotify bio?

The following points should be kept in mind to make your bio flamboyant.

Write what makes you YOU:

The first and foremost is whenever you are going to write bio of Spotify write genuine information. You can’t brag by telling a lie because people know facts and figures more than you. Show the listeners your real identity and your previous record, if you have any. Keep it in mind you are catering to your followers to be, who are visiting for the first time. Depending on your bio they will like or unlike you.

If you have success stories tell your followers about it in short show them your full potential. But it doesn’t mean you will start writing your whole life in your bio. Try to summarize it and include only interesting points that can keep the reader engage and finds it interesting and readable.

Avoid overselling factor:

Keep it in mind it is your Spotify bio not a brand advertisement. If this thing is kept in mind, you will see a real difference in your bio writing technique. Keep your bio real and natural.

Prefer Quality:

As you are writing Spotify bio keep it simple and precise. Readers don’t have time to read full lengthy paragraphs so write brief and eye-catching bio which attracts attention at first sight. When you are focused on the quality you will see an amazing change in your Spotify followers within few days by your consistent hardworking.

Avoid grammatical errors:

Grammar, grammar and grammar……keep it in mind if you have bad grammar then you will destroy your whole effort within a second. So, to protect yourself from a big loss send it to someone who can do proofreading because bad grammar will depict that you are unprofessional.

Update your playlist plays:

If you want to keep your followers engage then keep updating your playlist plays. These plays will have a strong impact on followers’ increment.  You can keep them updated about plays by adding the information in bio.

In a nutshell, excellence requires hard work. If you want to become pro you have to face hurdles, cross them after a long journey of struggle you will become expert. But this success track requires a lot of patience and consistency.


Is sletrokor good for fast weight loss

Perfect looks have become a major issue these days due to junk food and also the lifestyle we have adopted. People have been doing a struggle to maintain a good slim body. Cutting of their meals, consulting nutritionists, and adopting various kinds of diet plans as well. A new trend in a market has also settled which weight loss pills. Which are advertise in a way that people find them more attractive as they all promise weight reduction in lesser time than other options do? But are they really worth using? No, not all of them are safe and effective. Some may contain numerous health affecting chemicals, and others just didn’t work well. A new product which has come into the market named Sletrokor is gaining popularity day after day. Well, why? Here we explain

What is sletrokor:

Basically, sletrokor is an all-natural weight reducing product. Which effectively works on appetite, cholesterol, boost serotonin, improves immunity, and much more.


Before using or buying a product, one should know completely about the ingredients it has. Most people are not aware of what sort of ingredients a product has, which sometimes results in a bad way, and eventually, they start putting the blame on the brand. So, this is completely our responsibility to look at the ingredients search about them if you don’t have e enough knowledge about and afterward if it is suitable then buy and use it. Coming towards the topic, sletrokor is a complete natural ingredient based product.

  • Alovera: Alovera is known greatly for its super effective usage. Alovera helps greatly in weight reduction as compared to other products. Moreover, it also helps the digestive system.
  • Cascara Sagrada: has a significant role in weight loss. People and also industries have started preferring it after seeing its rapid weight loss result. It is also noticeable that the major weight-reducing item is sletrokor is Cascara Sagrada.
  • Garcinia Cambogia: this is extracted directly from Garcinia. It definitely has some good role in weight loss but didn’t yet gain such popularity among people as the other ingredients.
  • Gymnema Sylvester: the name of the product was based on a way that helps in reducing obesity.

Benefits of Sletrokor:

Sletrokor helps you in

  • Weight loss
  • Appetite suppression
  • Better metabolism
  • Immunity

Does it works?

There are some negative feedbacks about the product that it does not work and etcetera but after a survey it has seen most of them were such people who haven’t took the proper dosage. Moreover, sletrokor is a carb controller not a fat burner product. More than 80% of the people have seen amazing weight reduction. All you need to do is take the proper dosage and weight patiently as the process requires time. So, the final answer is yes! Sletrokor does help you If you want to reduce your weight. So, without giving a second thought you definitely can buy and use this product. And after few months you will see a good transformation. Also the company provides return policy. Which means If you don’t see effective response your money will ne returned back. Well, then what are you waiting for? Go grab the product to get a super good slim body.


How to disable Adblock Plus on Mobile device, web browser and YouTube Channel

If you don’t want to reduce the revenue of the sites and channels on YouTube that you love despite the gist of blocking ads and filter the content then you can enable Adblock by default and turn it off when needed. Luckily, there is a very easy way to do it, so don’t worry about manually inputting every channel and site on which you want to disable Adblock. Today, we will discuss how to disable Adblock Plus on mobile, website and YouTube channel.

How to Disable Adblock Plus on Mobile:

  1. Step 1: Open Adblock (Plus), now tap on the Adblock (plus) application. The Adblock plus is available on iPhones and Adblock has no mobile application either on Android or iOS.
  2. Step 2: Tap on Settings icon at the bottom of your screen and then open its page.
  3. Step 3: Next step is to click on “Adblock (Plus)”, you may find this option at the top right corner of the screen. When you will click on it, you will see it will turn white from Red means Adblock plus has been toggled off.

Disabling Adblock Plus in the Web Browser


Open your desired browser like Chrome, Safari etc. on which you want to block Adblock Plus. Follow the below steps in order to disable Adblock Plus from your Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge etc. First off, open your browser and click on the extension page.

  • Google Chrome: If you are Google Chrome user, go to options ‘tools’ and click on the extension button.
  • Firefox: For Mozilla Firefox users, you need to go to the extension view page then click on the add-on option.
  • Edge: Go to the extension page using Microsoft Edge, now click on the extensions button.
  • Safari: If you are Mac user, open Safari browser and click on the Preferences and then click on the extensions tab.

Step 2:

Now find the option of Adblock plus after selecting the extension tab in your browser in order to turn it off. It is very simple, go to extensions, find Adblock plus and click on the disable button, now you can see ads on your browser.

  • Google Chrome: Go to the extensions and then click on the disable Adblock Plus.
  • Firefox:  Click on the enabled option to the right side of the screen and Adblock plus is turned off now.
  • Microsoft Edge: Go to the Adblock Plus menu and now tap on the option ‘on’
  • Safari: Click on the disabled the Adblock plus at the extreme left side of your screen

How to disable Adblock Plus on YouTube channels

  • Click on the AdBlock Plus tab in the toolbar of your browser and choose Options.
  • Now, select enable whitelisting of any channel on YouTube.
  • Now restart your web browser.
  • Open YouTube video of any channel
  • Click on the AdBlock Plus tab and select the channel on which you want to disable Adblock Plus.
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