The world’s second-largest country-Canada has always been the priority of students for study due to its appealing scholarship packages. And their scholarships always provide an edge to the students of South-Asia as the government announces more $10 Million educational scholarships specifically for them. Let’s discuss a few more points that fascinate the students of South-Asia to get enrolled in Canada.

  • Famous universities of the world

Canada is among those few countries that spend a tremendous amount of money for economic and educational development. Their universities are ranked among the top-ranking universities because of the high educational level and focus on research.

Their research focuses are diverse i.e. agriculture, telecommunication, environmental sciences, and computer tech.

  • Affordable living cost

It is an obvious fact if an institute is providing high educational standards then its living will is also high. But it is contrary in the case of Canada; it provides affordable living wages with extraordinary educational standards.

  • Allegiance to culture

In Canada, cultural life is all time important. Not only has this, but the government of Canada made sure that the people follow the diversities of culture. In this state, different people from different cultures are living representing their own culture, which gives one another a chance to encourage other cultures. The country’s largest cities are Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto; marked as the safest places with a lot of entertaining stuff like museums, shopping malls, and many more.

  • Increased career scope

For international grades in Canada, the hope of a job is very high. Canadian universities collaborate with various companies that boast the link. The students in Canadian universities are highly motivated towards their goals oriented towards specific applied research of industries. An amazing fact that will surprise you and catches the attention of many South-Asian students is      that the Canadian university’s undergraduate students got a job within six months after the completion of a degree.

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  • Priority education

The primary focus of the Canadian government is to amplify its educational system. And to increase the number of students by 2022 to 450,000 by offering appealing scholarships. The sole focus of the Canadian Education minister is to form and introduce attractive and economic scholarship packages that attract international students more rapidly.

The government not only wants to enroll the international students but also wishes them to be a permanent resident of the state. And their permanent residency will amplify the economy and help the country grow.

  • Equal access

Over the time, the Canadian state has amplified the educational standards for international students. Although different states have independent policies, but the access to school has always been their priority with an equal chance to access it.

Equal opportunities have been given to the migrant students in comparison to the non-migrant students. This factor attracts the south-Asian students to choose this state.

  • Selective teaching

According to the international guidelines, the teachers are being paid. And the selections of teachers are done by following strict parameters. This factor increases the demands of Canadian universities.


In a nutshell, the South-Asian students mostly prefer to go enroll in Canadian Universities. Mostly Indian and Pakistani as the student visa for Canada are easy to access. Easy access encourages the students to avail of high-class education.

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