If you don’t want to reduce the revenue of the sites and channels on YouTube that you love despite the gist of blocking ads and filter the content then you can enable Adblock by default and turn it off when needed. Luckily, there is a very easy way to do it, so don’t worry about manually inputting every channel and site on which you want to disable Adblock. Today, we will discuss how to disable Adblock Plus on mobile, website and YouTube channel.

How to Disable Adblock Plus on Mobile:

  1. Step 1: Open Adblock (Plus), now tap on the Adblock (plus) application. The Adblock plus is available on iPhones and Adblock has no mobile application either on Android or iOS.
  2. Step 2: Tap on Settings icon at the bottom of your screen and then open its page.
  3. Step 3: Next step is to click on “Adblock (Plus)”, you may find this option at the top right corner of the screen. When you will click on it, you will see it will turn white from Red means Adblock plus has been toggled off.

Disabling Adblock Plus in the Web Browser


Open your desired browser like Chrome, Safari etc. on which you want to block Adblock Plus. Follow the below steps in order to disable Adblock Plus from your Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge etc. First off, open your browser and click on the extension page.

  • Google Chrome: If you are Google Chrome user, go to options ‘tools’ and click on the extension button.
  • Firefox: For Mozilla Firefox users, you need to go to the extension view page then click on the add-on option.
  • Edge: Go to the extension page using Microsoft Edge, now click on the extensions button.
  • Safari: If you are Mac user, open Safari browser and click on the Preferences and then click on the extensions tab.
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Step 2:

Now find the option of Adblock plus after selecting the extension tab in your browser in order to turn it off. It is very simple, go to extensions, find Adblock plus and click on the disable button, now you can see ads on your browser.

  • Google Chrome: Go to the extensions and then click on the disable Adblock Plus.
  • Firefox:  Click on the enabled option to the right side of the screen and Adblock plus is turned off now.
  • Microsoft Edge: Go to the Adblock Plus menu and now tap on the option ‘on’
  • Safari: Click on the disabled the Adblock plus at the extreme left side of your screen

How to disable Adblock Plus on YouTube channels

  • Click on the AdBlock Plus tab in the toolbar of your browser and choose Options.
  • Now, select enable whitelisting of any channel on YouTube.
  • Now restart your web browser.
  • Open YouTube video of any channel
  • Click on the AdBlock Plus tab and select the channel on which you want to disable Adblock Plus.