There are quite a few free video making software applications available but Animoto is one of my favorite. Animated videos are too much popular on YouTube and that gives more YouTube views and likes.  It’s web-based, easy to use and you can create fun and exciting videos with simple images, a little text, and some music. They are always adding new features to improve your video making efforts. The concept is simple:

  1. Upload your images
  2. Add some text descriptions
  3. Select your music track
  4. Create your video

I’m going to walk you through the process in a little more detail so that your videos represent what you want them to. First, you need to gather some images. This will be the “hardest” part.

Step 1: Gather some images that apply to your niche.

Collect images that represent the message you want to relate to your visitors. For example, if I was promoting a dog training product or website I would gather images of dogs sitting, rolling over, giving a dog a treat, happy people with happy dogs, etc. I may even include an image of the website logo or e-cover of the product.

Step 2: Organize your images.

Now it’s time to gather all of your images in one place and put them in the order in which you want them to appear in your video. I find that creating a new folder on my desktop and saving the images with a number (01.jpg, 02.jpg, 03.jpg) in that folder helps me organize them easier.

Step 3: Write a script for your video.

Writing a video script is as simple as following the copywriting principle of AIDA. Come up with a few sentences that will draw your viewer in and get them to click on your link to the website or product you are promoting. You want to grab their Attention, Keep their Interest, and Build the Desire for them to visit your site then give them an action to take by visiting.

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Step 4: Upload the images for your video.

Once you have signed up and signed in, click the “Get Started” button. You will be taken to a page where you can upload your images. If they are stored on your computer as suggested in Part 1, just navigate to that folder, hold down your shift key and select all of the images to be uploaded.

Step 5: Add text between your images

At this point, you can use Animoto’s text feature to add text between your images. Just click on the “add text” button at the bottom of the screen, drag the “T” where you want the text to go and fill in your text to the right of the images. You can add as much text as you want.

Step 6: Add some tunes to your video.

Adding a soundtrack to your video is simple. You can select a soundtrack from Animoto or upload one of your own. I generally prefer a soundtrack that is instrumental only but choose whatever you like that fits your marketing message. You can hear a sample of each soundtrack and go back and edit it at any time.

Step 7: Finalize your video.

Finally, add a title and description to your video and hit “Create”. This will take a few minutes to render depending on how many images you uploaded and how much text you added.