Click per second techniques play a vital role for the gamers. And the world record for click per second is 16 CPS. Further, Tom Andre holds the world record for the fastest clicks in 10 seconds. And Jordan Hum holds the record to make 14 CPS in 5 seconds. Not only this, but there exist so many people who are adept in click per second.

To enhance the click per second most people give a try to click per second test.

Click Per Second Test

It is the shortest test mode of the clicking game. This kind of variation gives a feeling of fun and competition, all at once. This mode will evaluate your number of clicks per second. Most of the time, players feel that the game has ended soon but that will enhance their capability.

How Do You Get the Highest Score?

The first point that players should keep in mind is that they have only a few seconds/second in which they have to give their best. Although, apparently it seems that they can’t give their best in a second but most of the players can score 15 CPS. This score seems unrealistic but many of the users have claimed it.

The players 15 CPS by leveraging various click methods i.e. Butterfly clicking, Jitter clicking, Kohi click test. Let’s discuss Kohi click test.

Kohi Click Test

It is a method that will determine the ratio of clicks per second. This test is similar to other click tests but the only difference is that it is featured on a server known as Kohi.

The popularity of the Kohi game server is because of its Hard Core faction Game. The kohi click test is used by Minecraft players. They give this test to amplify their clicking speed to perform well in the real battle of the game.

Importance of Clicking Speed

Mostly, players are concerned about their clicking pace on the mouse. As the clicking speed on the mouse will decide theirs do or die. So to perform well in any game i.e. Minecraft players has to be adept in quick finger movement.

According to recent researches, players who have 6-7 CPS fall into the category of good. And if we talk about Minecraft the player has to swing its sword 10 times in a second i.e 10CPS. So, the fastest clicking is directly proportional to the highest success rate. Therefore, clicking speed matters a lot not only clicking speed but it needs to be accurate.

Other Clicking Methods

There exist so many clicking methods you can adopt anyone to check your clicking speed. But initially, most of the gamers go for the Kohi click test, and over time their clicking speed increased.

Medical Complications

If we talk about the medical complications so many of them are evident due to click per second tests. Although normal clicking has zero effect on an individual but Butterfly and jitter clicking test leads to severe medical conditions. Most of the people suffer from Carpal tunneling. It is a condition in which the wrist-worn out.


In a nutshell, if you want to get the highest score you can choose the Kohi click test or many other techniques to amplify your click per second speed.