Instagram has struggled to reorganize and transform the outlook on visual content. It permits people, businesses, organizations, and everyone across the globe to stay connected by sharing their content in the form of pictures and videos. In today’s world, the perspective on social media is changing. It is now used by large businesses to stay connected to their customers. All around the world, Instagram is being used as a huge social media platform by marketers to market their business. It has made marketing a lot easier. Instagram has an added feature of tagging which allows other users to connect to your post.

Just like Facebook, tagging other people is a feature of Instagram as well that encourages connections between users. When a user is been tagged by someone, he simply gets a notification and Instagram directs the user to that post with just one click. Tagging helps in boosting the reach of a post. It acts like a reminder, an alarm, to that user who has been tagged, like go get up you have to look at this amazing post.

The approach to tagging

In order to tag a user, you have to make a post first. Post a picture or a video and then tag the user. It allows users to closely connect to certain content. The hashtag is another way to boost reach but tagging is an easy way. However, tagging could be done in two ways. You can either tag the person in the actual post, or you can mention the user in the description or caption with the symbol @ with the username of the person. This is the username tag.

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Username tag

Username tag is yet another type of Instagram tag where a user could be tagged with his username along with the symbol @. The user that is tagged somehow relates to the post. These tags are also for normal users as well as used by large and small businesses.

How to tag users on Instagram

When you post a photo, video, or any content on Instagram, there comes many options to add locations, descriptions, etc. This option also asks whether you want to tag a certain user or not. If yes, you want to tag someone if the post relates to a person or for whatsoever reason, it would take a single minute. You are required to take the following steps.

  • Find content, a picture, or a video to post.
  • After checking various picture effects, the next window would lead you to some options, where you could add a caption, location, or tag a user.
  • Tap on the tag people option.
  • Tap the area, object where you want to tag the user.
  • Write the username of the user you wish to tag on the post. The name of the user will appear.
  • Tap on the username and then click done. The user would be tagged.

Tagging users in descriptions

Apart from tagging a user on the picture, Instagram also permits people and businesses to tag users in captions. It also serves the same function. For example, if the post is about a specific business or a brand, you would simply mention the name of that business in the caption as a tag. Anyone who wants to have access to it would just need to click it instead of searching for it among various similar accounts. Tagging makes access easy for people as well as businesses and increases likes and followers and alongside this, here are the top 3 websites to get Instagram followers overnight. A user can also use hashtags to increase reach instead of tagging users. Both perform the same job, but tagging is more convenient as it closely relates to the other user.

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Tagging users in descriptions is also very easy. It just takes seconds. All you have to do is that after making the post when writing the description,

  • Write @ symbol and right after it mentions the username of the person you wish to tag.
  • A small window will appear listing similar usernames. Tap on the one you want to mention.
  • Just click done, and wow you are done with the job in less than a second.

Tagging on Instagram Stories

You can also tag people on stories that you think are related to them.

  • Just post content on the story.
  • Type @ and write the username you want to tag.
  • Click on the username.
  • Click on done.