Top 5 travel books in the world


The travel book is the source of amusement for the traveler. Travel is incomplete without the book reading. Interesting books pass the time during travel without being tired. You may travel on the bus and the train where you need something to describe your thinking. You want to express your thoughts to yourself to be happy. This is the better option to read the books according to the environment and your feelings. Sometimes you travel by sitting on the seat of the bus, and you feel alone then you need books which help you to relieve the stress and make happy. Most of the travelers like book reading. They love to read the travel books. It is a very interesting activity for the travelers. Reading and traveling go hand in hand always. You may read the books when you travel by laying on the lying seat of the train. This will create the environment to read the books. Your surrounding environment motivates you to read the travel books. They help the people to pass the journey without knowing the time of traveling to another place.

Some of the travel books are as follows:

Into the wild

This story was written by Jon Kara Kauri in 1996. This is the famous book based on the true story. In this travel book, Christopher McCandless is the main character who donates all of his wealth to the charity. He is unhappy by the society and goes to search the society which makes him happy. The Beautiful real story of the character makes it the top travel book because it creates a feel in the traveler during his travel.

On the road

This travel book is written by most famous author namely Jack Kerouac in 1957. In this travel book, he describes his journey to the America. He traveled from New York to San Francisco. Hr traveled with his friends across the America. He describes his amusement sources in this book to the readers.

John Steinbeck travel with Charley

This book is written by most famous travel writer John Steinbeck. The story of the book consists of the two characters including John Steinbeck and Charley. Charley is a dog which travels along with his owner John Steinbeck to the America. They both focus on the modern aspects of the America rather than classical aspects.

At first, they killed my father

This is one of the most famous travel books which you cannot read without crying. This book is written by author Luong Ung. It describes a life incident of a person during the Khmer Rouge Regime. The Central character of the story is the boy who lost his father when he was just five years old.

The Alchemist

It is one of the most popular travel books. It is written by Paulo Coelho. The story of the book surrounds the Santiago who travel in search of treasure. He travels to chase his dreams. Some of the people during the travel help him while some of the others refuse to help him. But he continues his journey to achieve the high goal.