Where to stay in Casablanca to soak up modern vibes and Historic Sights

Casablanca is the city that tourists often bypass thinking that there is nothing special to see. Casablanca is the city full of history and magnificent architecture. It is the city of contrast where you will find many hidden gems to see. Famous as the country’s main port, Casablanca has a good range of tourist’s attractions. If you are confused about what to explore in the city, then start your exploration by visiting the largest mosque in the world. Then explore the oceans and the old bazaars. There are a lot of things you can do in Casablanca, Morocco.

Is Casablanca worth visiting?

When you are in Morocco and searching for the best tourist attractions, then you might ignore Casablanca. This is what most tourists think as Casablanca does not have many tourists attractions. It is a commercial center of Morocco and the famous port in the region.

But you can find many interesting places to see in the city, including the world’s largest mosque, old Medina, Museum of Moroccan Judaism, sky 28 and king’s palace, etc. So, it is not right saying that Casablanca is not worth visiting. Whenever you are in Morocco, you should find time to visit Casablanca- the city full of history.

Where to stay in Casablanca?

No matter where you go for vacations, the first thing you need to do is to find a place to stay in. There are hotels everywhere these days, so it is not a big problem. But it is always better to book a room in advance to avoid any problem. So, you are in Casablanca to soak up the modern vibes. But what is the best place to stay in the city for sightseeing? You should stay in the city center near the old Medina as it is the best place for tourists. You will find hotels where you can stay without any difficulty.

Budget is always a deciding factor, so, you have to find a hotel according to the budget you have. You can stay in a luxury or a mid-range hotel as per your choice.

Luxury hotels:

Staying in a luxury hotel can make your vacations even more enjoyable. Of course, you need a little extra money to stay in a luxurious hotel. If you are finding a luxurious hotel in Casablanca to stay then, Sofitel Casablanca Tour Blanche can be the right choice. It is about two kilometers away from the world’s largest mosque, Hassan II.

It is close to the Medina, which makes it an ideal place to stay during the city exploration or business tours. It is a five-star hotel with a spa and an indoor heated pool. The staff at the hotel is quite friendly.

You want to stay in an oceanfront resort (which is indeed a great idea) then choose Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca. It is the ideal place to relax as floor to ceiling windows open up onto a private balcony. You want to swim in the open air then the hotel has an outdoor swimming pool as well. The food starts with a plate of fresh local seafood

You want great food, glamorous rooms, and friendly service then Hotel Le Doge Relais & Chateaux is the right choice. Each room has a Wi-Fi connection, LCD satellite TV, air-condition, iPod station, and an Espresso machine.

Choose a hotel to stay according to your needs and of course, budget. You do not have enough money to spend on booking a room in a luxury hotel then no problem. The city has mid-range hotels as well for the tourists.

How to get to Casablanca?

If you are visiting Morocco, then the most convenient way to travel is by train. You can buy first-class or second class compartment tickets as per your needs. But the first-class compartment is recommended especially when you are on long trips. Train is the most inexpensive way to travel in Morocco. It is safe and convenient, as well. From Tangier to Casablanca there are almost fifteen services per day. From Casablanca to Marrakech, the services are available every two hours.

You can take flights to Casablanca as well. Mohammed V international airport is the busiest gateway to Morocco. Also, you can travel by road as it only takes three hours from Marrakech, an hour from Rabat, 3.5 hours from Tangier, and four hours from Fez to reach Casablanca.

No matter what way you choose to reach Casablanca, it is a city worth visiting. You will find places with a great history in the city. The local bazaar will give you the feeling that you are in the Arab world. There are hotels, restaurants and shopping malls so that you can buy anything. Contrary to the rumors, it has a lot to offer the tourists.